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I tried preaching the gospel in a beer parlour and this happened (fiction).

I went out on our evangelism day, to preach the gospel, so I decided to visit the beer parlour, where I knew there will be people drinking out their stress, either for fun or to forget their sorrows. As a Christian, I knew most persons in the beer parlour haven't given their lives to Christ and would need to, if they must be right with God. 

I wanted to help someone in need of the gospel by relating the good news to them, but what happened to me on this encounter, will surprise you, and may leave you in confusion, as I am not in anyway discouraged from going back there. 

I got to the beer parlour and met all the table full of drinks, with chairs occupied by men and women, in their numbers, within me I said “is this how people waste their precious time and money on alcohol? ”.

Well, I wasn't there to judge them, I only intended to preach the good news (bible), to whom ever cared to listen, so I obliged them to listen, and I started preaching.

I told them about the love of God, and how he allowed his son Jesus to come and die for us, I told them, that we are all sinners, but the good news is that, Jesus has come to pay the price, all they need to do, is to forsake whatever is likened to be sin. 

As I went on to explain, a man walked up to me from behind, and hit me on the head, with a bottle he was holding.

I fell to the ground, bleeding and some men ran to help me from him and others were saying “it is good for him, didn't he know where the church is, if he felt like preaching a sermon”, I felt really bad, though I am not relenting on my preaching in the beer parlour, I am going there again, I know God want to save a soul in the beer parlour

I believe Satan was only fighting to discourage me from sharing the good news of salvation to the people God wants to save. 

Do you believe I can make any progress or get a good result, by preaching in the beer parlour? like leading someone to Christ (the truth), or do you think like others, that the beer parlour is not a place to preach the gospel? 

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Content created and supplied by: Ovie_Ohwovoriole (via Opera News )



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