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Goodnews: Sickness could not prevent bro. Livinus from becoming a Catholic priest

On the 1st of April, 2021, bro livinus Esomchi Nnamani(OMD) was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. Bro Livinus' ordination was a dispensation that brought a dream to reality.

Bro livinus has been critically sick since he entered the seminary. This disturbance by his sickness did not make him to Weaver in his discernment of his vocation of becoming a priest. His sickness was taken to various hospitals in Nigeria but none could provide a cure to his sickness. The persistence of bro livinus' sickness led to his traveling out of Nigeria to look for a cure. After going out of the country, he started responding to treatment as he was seen appearing refreshed. But his positive response to treatment did not last as he was struck again by the same sickness. The second coming of the sickness was very severe that people started doubting of bro livinus being ordained a priest.

Bro livinus was still firm despite his sickness of his intention to be a priest. His request for ordination was sent to the pope who approved it. The Pope's approval was in line with Canon 1047, a dispensation for ordination to the catholic priesthood. The pope even had a personal conversation with bro livinus.

Bro livinus Esomchi Nnamani was ordained a priest in the order of Melchizedek on holy Thursday ( The celebration of the last supper). The sickly livinus is now an ordained priest in the order of mother of God(MOD). In reaction to his ordination, many people has been praying for his quick recovery.

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