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Declare These Prayers Against The Opposing Power That Stands Against Your Firstborn Glory.

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The blessings, destiny, and the glory of the firstborn were under attack and manipulation of the evil one since the beginning of the world.

From city to city, society to society, family to family, you will see the firstborn struggling for survival.

You will see them being ruled by those whom they are supposed to rule over.

This is the manipulation of the enemies from the pith of hell. It's the wickedness of the wicked or the activities of the witches and wizards.

PSALMS 78:36. He smote all the firstborn in their land, the chief of all their strength.

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I don't know what the enemies did to keep your child under bondage as a firstborn for so long.

But listen to me, the word of God says, when God turned the captivities of Zion, it was like a dream. 

Today, as you declare, these prayers point with faith, God will catapult your child to his or her place of authority and honor, in Jesus' name.

Say these prayers seriously now.

1. Thank God for His promises in the Bible concerning your household.

2. Confess your sin and ask God for forgiveness.

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3. I decree and declare that my firstborn glory shall not be a prey to the enemies, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

4. Oh Lord, my God, my firstborn must rule over his enemies, whether they like it or not, in the mighty name of Jesus.

5. Oh Lord, let all my firstborn enemies be scattered and destroyed by thunder, in Jesus' name.

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6. Every evil plot from the pith of hell to frustrate the destiny and glory of my firstborn shall not stand, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus' name.

7. Any evil declaration or incantation from a Satanic altar against my firstborn destiny and glory, you are a liar, my child is not your candidate, back to the sender, in Jesus' name.

8. Any agent of darkness that says that I will not eat the fruits of my labor over my firstborn, you are not my God, carry your evil declaration upon your head, in Jesus' name.

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9. Oh Lord, my God, my firstborn glory must shine, arise and fight every opposing power that opposes his glory in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Jesus, in your name, I destroy with the blood of Jesus, every foundational curse placed upon my firstborn destiny and glory, in Jesus' name.

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