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Why PA. Elton rebuked Ayo Babalola and Benson Idahosa? - Sunday Adelaja reveals

I started talking about PA. Elton's posthumous message to Nigerian Church. Today's message is why PA. Elton rebuked Babalola and Idahosa. According to history, PA. Elton when he was alive, he was the coach and mentor to both Babalola and Idahosa. This man mentored Joseph Babalola of CAC, Idahosa of Church of God's nation, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Adeboye, Francis Wale Oke and others. The whole Pentecostal movement in Nigeria today, you can credit it to this man. He was the father of Nigeria Pentecostalism. 

He spent 50years in Nigeria as a missionary. He gave his life to Nigeria and he died and was buried in Nigeria. He would not allowed them to bury him in England. He gave his life for revival in Nigeria but this man was an Apostle and a Prophet, who never compromises his message but was heartbroken because he knew and saw how his people, his proteges that he raised were up against the instructions that he gave them. So, why Pa Elton rebuked Babalola and Idahosa? It was because he was telling them the truth, he was always telling them the truth. 

On the part of the healing Evangelist, one of Pa Elton's most famous struggle was trying to communicate what he perceived to be a more biblical interpretation of Joseph Babalola's use of physical elements, specifically a rod, a handbell and a bottle of water. Now, does that remind of anything going on in the Church today? I always say it, when the fathers goes into error in meters, the sons or children will go into error in Kilometers and that is what has happened in the Nigeria Church. 

The errors of our leading figures in the Pentecostal movement are now being magnified. Pa Elton rebuked Idahosa for two things, one for his emphasis on prosperity and look at what that have brought the Church now, and two, is hero worship. Pa Elton said, "A leader is a servant, why did they need people to worship them" and now it has become horrible. People are looking at their pastors as gods.

Source: Dr. Sunday Adelaja Official YouTube Channel

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