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If You Are a Teenager or a Parent, Here is What Teenagers Will Do To Rule Their World (My Opinion)

Every teenager will want to know what he or she will do to become a better teenager and rule his or her world, in his or her time.This is also the dream of every parent for his or her teenagers.

Here are six (6) steps to achieve this:

1. Obeying God's Command:

From the creation, we were made to understand the God hates disobedience. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, He sent them out of His garden.

2. Doing the perfect will of God :

God wants us to obey His word, we sometimes read the word of God only because we are asked to do so, and when reading, we end up not making use of a word from it. In our prayers, we tend to always say help us not to be "the hearers but doers of your word" . As children of God, it is very important for us to do the will of God.

3. Saying "No" to sin:

Remember sin is anything you do, think or say, that does not bring glory to God. The devil is always happy when he sees you fall into sin. We should always say "no" to the devil whenever we are faced with the temptation of sin, be it lying, fornication, stealing, fighting, disobedience etc.

4. We must be Holy:

Because God is Holy, we must also be Holy in order to be close to God. The word of God says, without holiness no one can see God. God loves us so much and will want us all to be withHim after our work is done here on earth. When we live a holy life, God will be happy with us and will bless us so much.

5. Living as children of light :

According to the word of God, we are told that as God's children, we must try to be like Him. Our lives must be controlled by love, just as christ loved us and shows us mercy. Do not let anyone deceive you with deceptive words. It is because of these very things that God's anger will come upon those who do not obey Him. The Word of God says "be careful how you live, don't live like ignorant people,but like wise people" make good use of every opportunity you have because, these are evil days.

6. Be humble :

Being a child of God is all about doing what the word of God says. The word of God says that we should be humble towards one another, always considering others better than you. And look out for one another's interests, not just for your own. When you read through the word of God, you will see how humulity and obedience transformed people's lives. For example :forgiving one another, being God fearing, being faithful, being honest, being committed to hardwork, giving, etc.

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