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Prophetic Declaration Against Hardship And Suffering

 Alpha and omega the beginning and the end, glory be unto your name, this morning, I command the supernatural power of God will consume and eliminate the seeds of difficulty in your life and home, in the name of Jesus Christ. Fire from above shall consume every garment covering your generation from manifesting, in the name of Jesus. The difficulty manipulative power on your descent and destiny will be crushed and extinguished by fire. Every door of difficulty open to your generation be consumed by fire in Jesus name. Every demonic tunnel of difficulty troubling your efforts will be crushed by fire. Every link and chain binding your glory and fortune to the yoke of hardship, be ended by fire today in Jesus name. The power projecting and directing yoke of difficulty upon your destiny be crushed by fire in the name of Jesus. Every garment of difficulty covering your destiny and glory shall be shattered by fire in the name of Jesus. God's consuming fire shall scatter every covenant of hardship on your destiny tonight in Jesus name. Whatever is causing misery and tribulation on your descendants will be crushed by the fire. I command your family free from the yoke of suffering and shame be crush by fire. Every trace of suffering on your home and business be shattered by fire in the name of Jesus. Let the garment of suffering upon your destiny be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus. I command that the door of joy and happiness shall be opened for your descendants, angels of joy and comfort shall serve your family, in the name of Jesus. Lord will change your situation and circumstances today, in a positive way in Jesus name. The wonderful working power of God shall fulfill all your desires quickly, in the name of Jesus. Every covenant of suffering without cause, be terminated upon your household, in the name of Jesus. May the power inflicting pain against your household be shattered by fire. Let the door of sorrow in your life and offspring be crushed by fire in the name of Jesus. From today, the garment of suffering of your household shall be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

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Jesus Jesus Christ


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