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Without being a Church worker, 3 ways you can help your Pastor grow the Church

Many people believe that before they can help their Pastors in growing the Church, they need to be Church workers. This is not entirely true. In Churches, it is not only the Ushers, the Deacons and Deaconesses, the Elders, the Catechists, etc that help the Pastors or Reverend Fathers in growing the Church.

If you have been thinking they are the only ones, it is time you start thinking differently. The truth is that you might really want to work for God but the nature of your job doesn't permit you. Well, every Church member can't be a Church worker at the same time so you have your own parts to play.

There are ways you can help your Pastor in growing the Church. When can we say a Church is growing?

√ A Church is growing when the number of returning worshippers keeps increasing.

√ A Church is said to be growing when Souls are being won for God through it.

Even if you are not one of the Church workers, you can make this happen in your own ways. How would you do that? I have 3 ways you can do that in this article. Kindly read on.

1. Bless your Pastor with your resources.

Though the Pastor might not be working alone, the truth is that he is the main anchor. He is the one who preaches the message to the people, Prays for them, and delivers the oppressed. If you make his work easy for him, it will help in moving the Ministry further. When you buy him a car, you are helping.

When you make sure he is not hungry and doesn't lack money, you are already helping in the process of growing the Church. The truth is that, no matter how anointed your Pastor is, he won't function well if he is hungry so bless him with your resources while he blesses you with prayers.

2. Sponsor Evangelisms.

Christians on evangelism

Your Church might be planning how to go out and win souls through evangelism which you can't go due to your work schedules, use your money in paying for their transport fares and feedings. When you do this, you are helping your pastor in growing the Church.

3. Encouraging the Youths of your Church.

The strength of every Church lies in the number of Youths available. To make evangelism works, you need them. To take care of the Church environments, you need them. Some Churches don't know how to encourage their Youths which makes them lose such youths to other churches.

Church youths Anchoring ministrations

Since you have the money but you don't have the time, you can help the youths of your Church in achieving their dreams so that they can be more committed to the Church. When you sponsor a Youth who wants to become a Musician, for instance, other Youths would be eager to join the Church.

Have you ever done any of these before? Please share this article.

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