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Jesus Is Still Building Mansions In Heaven ~ Bishop Oyedepo

The presiding Bishop of Living Faith, aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has has disclosed to his church members why they should be ready to go to heaven. He said Jesus had not come because God is still building mansions for them in heaven.

According to Church Gist, Bishop Oyedepo stated this while preaching during the first Sunday service at Faith Tabernacle, Covenant Family Day Ota, Ogun State.

While preaching on the the topic: Understanding Partways To Godliness, the Bishop said they are a super blessed institution. He revealed that Godliness is what is super relevant in his ministry to eternity. He disclosed that learning the pathway to godliness is an asset for now and for eternity

Image Credit to church Gist

Oyedepo told his church members that his ministry had been searched severally but no skeleton was found in any cupboard. He proudly declared that they had never offered bribe to any devil for any reason.

He further told his congregation not to allow any preacher to deceive them. That the unrighteous will not enter the Kingdom of God. He said those who truly fear God will fare well in life. He stated righteousness is not a thing to be, but a thing they are.

"They have searched us and searched us, nothing. Church Gist. A super blessed institution without skeleton of any kind in any cupboard.Without any devil having a dime as bribe for any reason. 40 years unabated by the grace of God. Those who fear God fare well in life." he said.

Quoting from Romans 14:12, Bishop Oyedepo said that going to Heaven is one by one, not group by group, denomination by denomination, or ministry by ministry. He said everyone of them shall give account of themselves to God.

He informed his church members that Jesus is still building mansions in heaven because many will get there. He said God hates waste, so he can't be building all these years if nobody was coming there.

"Jesus is still building mansions because many will get there. He hates waste, so he can't be building all these years if nobody was coming there."

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Church Gist David Oyedepo Living Faith Ogun State Winners Chapel


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