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Prayer for revival and the Holy Spirit

1. Father thank you for calling me out and separating me in a time like this, Thank you for showing me the way that leads to life and peace. Thank you Jesus.

2. Father, help me to overcome every work of the flesh in my life, help me to overcome things that will bring destructions upon my spirit man. Thank you Jesus.

3. Father in the Name of Jesus, if there are any ways I am not offering my body as a living sacrifice to you, please have mercy on me and show me the way In Jesus Name.

4. Oh ye spirit of masturbation and pornography tormenting my life, or the life of any child of God, I command you out now in the mighty Name of Jesus.

5. O Ye evil spirit of pornography seeking to have access into my soul and spirit, that spirit of lust looking for believers to devour, I command you out now in the Name of Jesus.

6. Father in the Name of Jesus every demonic, worldly, ungodly, unholy music, seeking to gain access into this generation to dominate it, I pray it leave now in the Name of Jesus.

7. Father, deal with anger issues in my life. Anger that spoils me in front of those who are to assist me, I gain victory over you in the Name of Jesus. 

8. Father deal with every act of jealous in my life, completely kill the spirit of envy in my life. I decree, I shall rejoice and celebrate with others in Jesus Name.

9. O LORD every negative addiction present in my life, or in the life of any child of God, Lord deliver us in Jesus Name. Tonight in the Name of Jesus, addiction of gossip, badmouthing, lying, stealing, gluttony, worldly trends, sex, pornography, masturbation, deliver us completely in Jesus name.

10. Father, hence forth I begin to dwell more in the presence of God, I begin to study the word and pray without ceasing in Jesus Name.

11. LORD, fill my heart with a deep hunger for the word and for prayers in Jesus Name.

12. Father, correct every wrong mindset, ideology and mediocrity in me that is limiting me from advancing. Let the mind of Jesus always be in me in Jesus Name.

13. Sweet Holy Ghost, please help me to control what I see and what I listen to. Holy Spirit, influence my daily life in Jesus Name.

14. Holy Spirit, help me to control my body. Grant me the grace to use my body in a way and manner that pleases the LORD in Jesus Name.

15. Father, deal with every sexual desire that is targeted at destroying my glorious destiny in the Name of Jesus.

16. Precious Holy Spirit, make me pure. Make me holy. Make me perfect even as my Father in heaven is perfect in Jesus Name.

17. Father, please show me the way I need to go always in Jesus name.

18. Father, please take away confusion from my life and destiny in Jesus name.

19. Your personal prayer request.

20. Sing thanksgiving songs to God for answers to your prayers.

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Jesus O Ye


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