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Say this morning prayer for God's blessings and protections

Heavenly Father, As we start a new day, we rise to meet You with a thankful heart. We ask that You go before us and make the crooked paths straight. You said eye has not seen, nor ear heard, and no human has conceived the things You have prepared for us. Today I am asking that You would meet the needs of Your people. Take the difficult challenges that many are facing in these uncertain times and give them the answers to the decisions they need to make. Give them the strength to overcome any obstacle they may face this week, for it is You from who all blessings flow. Please Lord we also ask for your grace to overcome sin and temptation for we know that sin is the only thing that can separate us from you.Help us to remember this week that every path walked is walked for a reason, and everyday is a blessing, as the Holy Spirit continues to lead our way. In Jesus name we pray, amen...

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