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No Evil Power Can Withstand These Prayers, Say It Before Sleeping Tonight (17-03-2021)

Our mighty and everlasting Redeemer, I praise and worship your name tonight because you're worthy to be praised.

Father I thank you for the grace and protection you gave to me, I thank you for there's no other God like you I thank you for making me alive to see the end of today father be thou exalted in Jesus' name.

Father, I have enjoyed your protection in the day, I pray that I shall enjoy your protection tonight as I'm about sleeping in Jesus' name.

Oh earth, hear ye the word of God, any evil power that will be rising against me tonight saying that I shall sleep but will not wake up, any spiritual hindrance to my blessings breakthrough, happiness and progress shall be visited by the holy ghost fire tonight in Jesus' name.

Father I pray that my sickness will not follow me to the next day, I pray that my poverty will not follow me to tomorrow, I pray that my backwardness will not follow me to tomorrow father as I'm about sleeping tonight I pray That all my worries shall not wake up with me in Jesus' name.

Oh lord the remember, your promise in Numbers 14:2 which says, “I will do to you, the very thing I heard you say”.

Father standing on your promise I know that I'm filled with the holy spirit, I also also know that no evil power can withstand my pressure tonight father thank you for making me untouchable in Jesus' name.

Everlasting father I thank you once more for answering my prayers in Jesus most wonderful name I have prayed.


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