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Whether You Wear Jewelry Or Not, If You Don't Have Internal Purity You Are Like The Pharisees-Kumuyi

The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastor W.F Kumuyi on a live-streamed Video shared a message with the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "There are people who watched over more on things which they brought in on their understanding of religion. Some of them are even in our midst today. Speaking further he said "We have come in and heard the word of holiness and righteousness and being ready for heaven. But it is very unfortunate that We now have traditions of the denominations, and opinions of men watching over us, forgetting the word the Lord has given us. 

Speaking further Kumuyi said " Where do you lean? Do you lean on traditions that at times may be very simple more than that of God? For example, we start the service at a particular time, we set and gave the time, but if we watch over that more than people repenting, getting ready for heaven, obeying the word of God, and having the grace to live in righteousness, If we are no longer watching over holiness, and the truth of the word of God which saves and makes us to be upright and truthful, and watching over external things, we have lost focus. 

While he continues he said "Whether You Wear Jewelry Or Not, If You Don't Have Internal Purity You Are Like The Pharisees. And if you insist on the length of ladies' dresses, and not watch over the anger and jealousy in the heart. If you don't watch over the internal righteousness and holiness which God expects, we have become like the Pharisees. He said "Jesus who is full of love, who is lowly and gentle, knows everything in the heart of everyone that will not allow them to get to heaven and also hinder others to make heaven because they were the leaders of the day. He was very strong against them because while they were presenting themselves as helping the people to make heaven, they were blocking them from getting there.

Watch the Video Here.

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