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Nigeria At 61: What Christians Can Learn From Nigeria Independence

Today has always been a memorable day for all Nigerians that are within and outside the country. Nigeria as a whole got its independence after passing through the pain and ruling of the British colonists. And since then the joy has remained in the heart of all Nigerians because they are free from the bondage of slavery. Nigeria's independence has also influenced Christianity in a way that Christians worship freely without any restriction. It has also displayed some characters that can help Christians to improve their lifestyle.

Here are the two important things Christians can learn from Nigeria independence

- Freedom

Nigeria's independence also brought freedom to the country as everyone has the right to do what he/she wants to do. Christians can learn that freedom from oppression, sin, sickness, and death can help the church to grow. Some Christians believed that getting freedom is a difficult task.

- Peace

Peace is very hard to get especially when the heart is filled with guilt and pain. Nigeria's independence brought peace to the country because there was no more guilt, the pain of slavery, and oppression from the British. Christians can also get such peace as soon as they are independent of the oppression of the devil. And when there is peace of heart the church began to grow spiritually and numerically.

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