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18 Pictures of Short Notes Written By Children to God.

Children can give you a whole new ideas of anything most times. Here, they have written down some questions and statements that would baffle you even as am adult. They ask God some questions while making statements in the others. If adults were given an opportunity to write anything to God, they might he writing a long list of needs and wants which if possible, they would prefer God to attend to them with immediate attention. As a person, what do you think of these questions and inquisitivenesswell, I don't think this is wrong. God approves of a holy matrimony between a husband and a wife. This truly depicts what happens with some false prophets who are not truly God's friends but see God as a way of making cool money and turning God's activities into business activities.What a question, where is God from.People now so much prefer their privacies most times even children too.Many people find it difficult to love everyone around them. It baffles this child how God can love everyone on earth. Do not forget that God is love

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