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Why Some Husbands Should Be Blamed If Their Wives Are Not Submissive

"Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord."- Eph 5 vs 22. I have read this passage of the bible several times but i still found out that most people either misinterpret this verse or undermine its true meaning.

When it comes to marriages, it is a crucial aspect of the religious body as well as the nation because the family is the simplest unit of every nation. According to some recent issues in the media, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor E. A Adeboye, gave his view on the submission of wives in marriage. Since then, there has been some opinions on why wives should or shouldn't be submissive to their husbands. However, in as much as I agreed that a wife ought to be submissive to the husband as the head of the family, there are some instances in which husbands might be blamed if their wives are not submissive. My critical analysis and thought on this issue is as follows;

Firstly, a husband who cheat on the wife might not receive full submission of the wife and consequently such man can be blamed for this issue. There are some husbands who go about with concubines and side-chicks but they expect their wives to be totally faithful and submissive. In such instances if the wife who has been submissive finds out about the husband's infidelity, she might no longer be submissive. She might bring out attitude that may portray her not to be submissive but the blame will not be totally accorded to her but also to the husband.

Secondly, a husband who fail to provide for his house or neglect the needs of the family for his selfish ambitions might be blamed if the wife is not submissive. Let us check the definition of submission, to be submissive simply means to be under the authority or control of another person. In this case, a wife is submissive when she yields to the husband's control. But when a man start failing in his responsibilities, to control the wife and family might become difficult. There are some men who will have money but will rarely extend their hands to their wife and children. If such wife change her attitude toward her husband, the husband might be blamed for this act.

Thirdly, a husband who fail to love the wife as expected may be blamed if the wife is not submissive. When you read the bible passage about submission in Ephesian 5, the further verses explained that husbands must love their wives as Jesus loves the church. In this case, love is beyond providing for the home, it means bestowing care, respect and affection for her at all time. For example a husband who beat the wife or abuse her physically and verbally might lose the submission of his wife.

These are my personal views on this issue. In these few spotted cases, the husband will likely be blamed if their wives are not submissive. Notwithstanding, we must acknowledge that some husbands are wonderful, they do not only love their wives but also care for the family. In such a setting, the husband deserves the submission of the wife.

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