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3 Ways To Please God With Your Relationship

One of the ways in which we sin most times are through wrongful activities with our partners, what many people don't know is that as couples everything that you do should be pleasing in the sight of the lord. Below are 3 ways to please God with your relationship:

1.) Ignore fornication: If you are not married then you should not get intimate with your partner for every reason because God frowns heavily at it.

2.) Pray together: As couples always make it a point of call to constantly pray together whenever you are chanced, when you do this you are pleasing God by constantly communicating with him and inviting him into your relationship to take charge.

3.) Spread the word of God together: What could be more pleasing in the sight of God than to see his children spreading his word to those who need it the most, as couples you should go out on outreaches or evangelisms to preach and tell people about God and his wonderful nature.

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