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3 Compatibility Matches For An Aquarius

Aquarius With Aries

This pairing creates an unusual, and unconventional couple. Neither sign wants to be labeled or put in a box, and neither yearns for a mom, pop, and the kid's lifestyle. Both are independent and will immediately recognize and appreciate that trait in each other. Also whatever Aquarian thinks of an Aries is up for.

Aquarius With Leo

An Aquarian and a Leo both have singular personalities. A Leo loves that an Aquarian allows them to be the center of attention, while the more aloof and serious Aquarian loves Leo's exuberant childlike attitude and in turn, Leo finds Aquarius mesmerizing, and their individuality and quirkiness intriguing. These two are creative and confident individuals who can inspire one another in every way. 

Aquarius With Sagittarius

This pair is a very creative coupling and is funny, plus they share a uniquely odd sense of humor. This pair will laugh at things that seem obscure to everyone else. They both love change and are unpredictable. They are highly compatible and it is no news that Sagittarius is the best fire sign love match for Aquarius. 

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