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The Loudest Amen in the World

And the Award for The World’s Loudest Amen goes To who? ‘Drum Rolls Drums Rolls Please’ Nigeria!!!!! 

If there was any Olympic Gold for shouting Amen at top of our voices till our voices crack, We will be winning the Gold trophy undefeated until the western world Designs a new technology to Sound Louder than us but believe me they are busy perfecting Artificial intelligence, establishing more electric cars, the Abroad countries like we call them over here are very much busy going to the Space like it is Oshodi bus stop and believe me once they finally start moving businesses and people to space, the first Nigerian establishment that will launch in the mars or Jupiter will be a Nigerian Church.

We already have the Biggest church capacity in the world so brethren since we are in the Next Level dispensation, it is high time we took our Next Branch to the Moon!! Here goes another Loud Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

I am a Christian and it might sound strange that I strongly believe that we are praying too much as a nation instead to be planning for our nation,Both Muslims and Christians ehh Prayer no dey tire us in this country and still with all the churches and mosques in every corner of the country, we are still on the Top chart of World Poverty Clock ticking to ‘Outpoor’ everyone. The morals of an average citizen is on a dangerous Decline and yet we are always praying.

I have always wondered why do many Pastors or men and women of God Always force their worshipers to shout the loudest Amen? Is our God Deaf and Dumb? I mean the same God that created the Ears. It is impossible that He is having hearing challenges which is making it hard for the Most High God to hear our simple Amen? Or is it just a type of control button used by pastors to know if they are still in control of the minds of their very desperate congregation. Believe me I have taken part many times in shouting a Big Amen especially once the pastor says ‘ Your Blessing is coming soon oh! I will say Amen and pastor will say he can’t hear our Amen loud and clear , that if we really believe that our blessing is on its way that we sound the Amen like a Thunder and chai I go Again Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! My dear I have worked so hard and I don’t want to miss my blessing just because I disobeyed the man of God when he asked me to shout the loudest Amen. Who no like better thing oh ehh?

Ever since I started going to Church with my Senses and making use of my sense in the church, I started asking few questions , why do pastors or Reverend fathers who are using technologies like microphone and speakers are expecting the worshippers to shout the loudest Amen, the only reason we can hear you is because of the Microphone and massive speakers that you are using, we the congregation are using the voice our creator gave us, we don’t have any other external gadget installed in our throat but still you encourage us to shout the loudest Amen as the condition for us to receive our Blessings? No problem, I want say Amen but do I need to Shout on top of my voice? Was there anywhere in the Bible that Jesus instructed his followers that if they don’t shout a loud Amen that he will not perform miracles? I am curious because since we are following the Bible I want to know where it was written that without the loudest Amen your prayers will not be answered?

The Oyibo people that brought this Christianity to us, they don’t shout Amen like us oh, they surely did not teach us to shout Loud Amen, they are against Noise pollution, They didn’t use Loud Amen to build Railways, Good Roads, all those basic amenities,I don’t want to talk about technologies, I am simply asking how come our Loud Amen have not successfully eradicated poor electricity, Bad Roads, kidnappers to mention a few? Even the microphone device that the pastor is using was not made from a Loud Amen.

Any gathering in Nigeria starts with an Opening Prayer and ends with a Closing Prayer, the looters in our government when they meet for looting activities, they pray for a successful looting, ‘yahoo yahoo’ prays for a successful yahoo, armed robbers and kidnappers pray for successful operations, everybody is praying in Nigeria but where have this prayer led us to? Things are getting worse everyday, religious centers are opening new branches every minutes, people go to church during working hours, Praying for breakthrough, some are on the mountains praying hard. Why are our prayers not being answered since it is by prayers or by the loudest Amen after the prayer?

We have tried prayers and so far I don’t think we have gotten results by constant praying with no action, it is time to take action ,the only people that need our prayers are our soldiers in the north east fighting the dreaded terrorists called Boko Haram, I wish our prayers can help us win that war so that Displaced people in the IDP camps can return to their homes.I won’t be surprised if the Boko haram terrorists prays before they ambush our gallant soldiers. No matter how we pray for our soldiers, if the army don’t equip them with the proper ammunitions needed to defend our country then we will keep on losing them in numbers everyday.

I am not against prayers but I think we are spending too much time Praying in this country and it has not worked for us, let us try something else, let’s reduce the prayers and time spent praying and focus on building industries, let’s reduce the time spent in praying in the church and teach the congregation about Love, how to live with your neighbors peacefully, let’s teach morals in the churches,,let’s preach against pollution, the way Nigerians act even in the church makes me wonder what we re learning in the church but then you can’t learn what you are not being taught. The only consistent teaching in the church is how to give to the church , different tactics of collecting money from the worshippers.

 Even in the church it is hard for people to act right, some will come to church and they are hoarding seats for friends and family members who are still at home when it is supposed to be first come first serve basis. Something is fundamentally wrong with us if we keep thinking that prayer is the solution to all our problems. The governor of Anambra state Gov Willie Obiano who spoke through his secretary of state Prof Solo Chukwubelu recently urged the church to pray for him because there is evil spirit in the government house of Anambra state of Nigeria, so my people let’s how and Pray, May the Evil sprits in the all the government houses in Nigeria catch Fire so the Governors can do the work they were elected to do! Let me Hear a Loud Amennnnnnnnnnnnn! Your Amen is not loud enough, God can’t hear you, I doubt if this prayer will be answered oh. Church Dismiss! Before you leave please remember we have Second collections oh so children of God come out and give handsomely to your God so he can Bless u more.. Amen 


Content created and supplied by: ChukwudiEzeagwa (via Opera News )

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