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Husband and wife relationship

This Is What You Should Be Doing Now As A Family Member


The family would mean the smallest segment or unit of the larger society or nation, made up of the husband, the wife and children. The family has a biblical inclination. For example, in the garden of Eden were Adam and Eve and later the children.

What are the ideals of a Christian family and what impact can the family make on the nation, and the society at large? What does an ideal family relationship look like? (See Colossians 3: 18 – 22).

A Christian family is a home where husband and wife strive together to actualize their union in conformity with the divine union, with God, as the head. Each family member has duties to perform.

The Husband: He heads the home, loves his wife almost the same way Christ loves the church, is not harsh to her or provokes the children. The wife and the children look up to him for love, guidance, etc. He is the law maker, breadwinner, and also protects the interests of the members of his family.

The Wife: She is the husband’s helpmate and not necessarily a burden bearer. She is absolutely submissive to the husband. She is to the husband what the church is to Christ. She lays good example for the children.

The Children: Children are to obey their parents in the Lord. They are not to be provoked. If they are provoked, they may feel unloved, and lose their courage. They may become introverts.

The Slave: Slaves and domestic helps are also part of the family where they inhabit; hence they have roles to play. Paul advises that they be obedient to their masters by showing genuine commitment, ‘‘fearing the Lord’’ as their masters are bound to treat them well.

An ideal family is one where Christ is recognized as having a role in the well – being of the family.

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