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Dear Muslims, Say This Prayer Before Taking Any Decision For You To Succeed

Dear Muslims, Say This Prayer Before Taking Any Decision For You To Succeed

Muslims should stop going to sorcerer to seek help from them whenever we intends to under take any decision, this is a great shrik which is the greatest form of sin.

Allah said he will never forgive whoever that associate anything to his oneness except if the person sincerely repent.

In a narration of Prophet, he said; who ever went to seek help from sorcerer, but didn't believe in what he claimed to see, Allah will not accept his solat for 40days and he who believed in whatever he says to him, he has indeed disbelieved in Allah.

It's understandable that when it comes to taking of decision in life, it needs to be carefully take, especially decision that is very crucial to someone's future, which can the someone disposition. But we have islam, islam has profer solution to all our potential problems, Alhamdulillah

On the authority of Jaabir bn Abdullah, he said: Prophet Muhammad would instruct us to seek guidance in anything concerning our affairs, just as he would teach us Quranic verses. He would say if anyone of you intends to take a decision let him observe two rakat of solat (Nafilah) and say this prayer.

The prayer goes thus

However, while doing this istikhara prayer it is expected of you to also do proper investigation on the decision you are about to take.

This prayer is a very powerful and effective prayer.

You want to marry, start up a business, choosing a course to study ? Whatever decision you want to take just do this prayer, you shall be guided.

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