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Say This Short Prayer For Success

O God of all successful businesses and works, I turn to you for you are good and because you alone are worthy to be worshipped and praised. Scan all over me, my God, to wash me free of all my iniquities that I have done, and lead me not into hard testing that I may fall, but to resist and win still the end, so that my prayer will be worthy to be answered. I thank you, Father, for making it possible for me to even have a business despite in this difficult time, may you give me the grace to grow the business in a Godly manner without any negative aspect in it that I may succeed.

Almighty God, may you give my business wings in the spirit that no barrier will block it from succeeding. Give it Wings in the spirit, Lord, so that all the plans and works of the wicked to cause demotion in my business will never affect my business, but instead be pushing my business to grow and succeed even more higher than before. O God, open all the shut doors and skies to enable the wings you provided for me so as to take me to another level. For in Jesus most mighty name I have pray, Amen. Type Amen by your faith to receive yours now.

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It shall be well with your business in Jesus name, Amen.

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