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Say This Prayer 7 Times To Unlock Divine Testimony And Breakthrough

Say This Prayer 7 Times To Unlock Divine Testimony And Breakthrough 

Hello and welcome to my prayer page, I will be giving you daily prayers that I'll help to move your life forward. If you aren't following then you won't be able to get notifications so please click on the follow button. 

Today I will be giving you prayer point that you must pray 7 times so you can unlock your divine testimony and breakthrough. 

- Evil Hands Holding My Testimony, Be cut off by fire in jesus name. 

- powers pointing their hands at my star, receive leprosy in jesus name. 

- testimony stealers be cut down in jesus name. 

- satanic tree of backwardness, catch fire in jesus name. 

- Stealers of Breakthrough, be exposed in jesus name

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