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Are the wealthy ones born or made ?

When I was a kid my grandfather often said something which has kept on ringing in my mind. He always says " ihe chiedere o de wo ya,madu aghahi edisiya'' which translates to " what God has written he has written ,no man can rewrite it". Going further he always advises us to do the little we can and leave the rest for God because whatever will be will always be irrespective of man's efforts. Something we do argue among ourselves that while some of us will be rich others will be poor. It was a very disheartening time for us as we always point out among ourselves those we think would be poor using ordinary considerations. We then believed that no matter our efforts with farm work some of us will never get wealthy irrespective of their hard work.

This has lived with me while I was younger. But growing up now the idea of destiny being in each man's hand is being drummed into my ears. Everyone around me now believes that destiny can sometimes have nothing to do with what happens in one's life which is almost contradicting the belief I grew up with. I have lived with the trouble of these two different ideologies until I learnt to figure out things myself,I asked people and read books in order to find solutions to my troubles. With my findings I have decided to write to my readers and anyone who might be going through the same mind battle as I once did .

" Are wealthy people born or made ?" This has been the title I gave to this my mind battle some years ago. No one has ever been born with cars,money, mansions, expensive clothes etc from the mother's womb or have you seen anyone ? Everyone entered into this world stake naked, with absolutely nothing. Therefore everyone was born equal. Though some might have been born into wealthy homes but all that will be inherited wealth not personal achievement. Every man has the power to decide and determine what goes on in his life. Destiny exists but I tell you no destiny or fate can change the decision of a determined soul. Everything that happens in our lives is as a result of our own permission. If you are rich or poor it is as a result of your decision. Life can be a determinant of what happens to us sometimes but we are the chief determiner of it. Our reaction to every situation shows how life will be for us. Wealth is never born with any man but created or acquired through hard work, suffering, intentionality and divine help. The bible says in the synoptic gospels that whatsoever we permit here on earth is permitted in heaven and whatsoever we bind on earth is considered bind in heaven. This is a pointer to the fact that our ways of life will always reflect in our daily lives.

You might have been born poor but you are not made to be poor. Success they say is not in the star of any man but in the scar of hard work. Becoming wealthy is chiefly a decision you have to make yourself, no one will do that for you, not even your destiny. Destiny can be changed, always know this. Do not let anyone talk you into believing that wealthy ones were born therefore you cannot make it in life.

However ,this is not to say that destiny does not exist. Destiny exists but it is in your hands. Think of Jabez ,he changed his own destiny. Most times all we have to do is to work hard and learn to bend our knees.

Wealth is always made and will continue to be made, come rain come sun. Your level of intentionality in life matters most. You are naturally made to be wealthy but it requires your hard work to be made manifest. Put in your best in everything that you do and always hope in God. Hard work and determination remain the principle keys to success and above all make God your number one. Though you might not be rich now that is not to say that you were born to be poor

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