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6 Things About Eid-el-kabir Festival You Should Know.

The essential part of the festival includes distribution of neat, chanting of the 'Takbir' before Eid prayers and after prayers throughout the days of Eid. The Eid-el-kabir festival of sacrifice is one of the two Eid's celebrated annually by Muslims all over the world.

The day is associated with giving and happiness as it is celebrated as a result of Ibrahim's attempt to sacrifice his only son. Families that cannot afford a livestock can contribute money to Mosques and charity organization Which will provide meat fir those who are in need. Here are 6 things you should know about the Eid-el-kabir festival.

1. It is also called Eid-Al-Adha

2. It usually comes after pilgrims "Hajj".

3. It honours the willing sacrifice of Ibrahim

4. The day usually begins with prayers followed by exchange of gifts between family and friends.

5. The livestock killed is usually divided into 3 part: one fir the family, another for friends or neighbours and the third part to the needy.

6. It's called "Ileya" which means "Time to go home".

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