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Why Is The Use Of The Left Hand Considered A Taboo In Our Society?

In Nigeria and the world at large, it is considered a taboo for someone to either give or receive with the left hand. This has become a heavy cross to bare for those suffering from sinistrality otherwise known as left-handedness. Why then are these people considered sinister? Why are they crucified for a special ability which they are in no way responsible for. Why are the 900 million out of the 200 billion people finding it difficult to cope in the society? Let's go down to some history,shall we?

Left handedness has been considered a form of degradation for a while now. The ancient Celts for example, associated it with feminity. Left-handers were routinely accused of consorting with the devil and during the excesses of the Inquisition and the witch hunts of the 15th and 19th century, left-handedness was sometimes considered sufficient to identify a woman as a witch and to contribute to her subsequent condemnation and execution.

In religion, Christians also associate the left hand side with immorality and evil. A good example is when the left hand side is made use of in the book of Matthew 25:31-46 where Christ said he would separate the sheep from the goats on the last day; the sheep on his right hand and the goats on his left. Muslims also consider using the left hand as a satanic habit,and it is a rule to honor the right hand above the left.

The left hand isn't spared from the blacklist of the African society. For instance, the Yourobas regard the left hand as 'Owo Osi' and Osi is a bad thing as far as the Yourobas are concerned. It is also considered bad luck to receive or give with the left hand, especially for traders.

Nonetheless,the point here is,the habitual crucifixion and persecution of the left-hand,is a tradition as old as culture itself. The wind of civilization should have long blown away this archaic tradition,but we as the die hard Africans we are,still tenaciously hold on to this barbaric and meaningless tradition. I believe that God made both hands for utilization. You cannot wash the right hand without using the left. The Igbo adage says that, "if the right hand washes the left hand, the left hand will in turn wash the right hand''. Therefore,it is wrong to consider treating the left hand as an outcast of the human body when we make use of it in our everyday activities. Please,my fellow Nigerians and Africans at large,let us endeavor to erase some unhealthy cultures which have a tendency to stir disaffection and tag us as premodial. Modern society and common courtesy demand that we treat all individuals equally,regardless of their deformities or inadequacies. We are all equal before the sight of the most High, regardless of whether we use the right hand or the left hand.

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