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Before you go to bed tonight (18/07/2020), say these 7 powerful prayer points.

I receive the strength, power, might and anointing to reactivate and revive my spiritual stability and gift. Jeremiah Ezekiel and Isaiah found the words of God and are them, and it's become the joy of their hearts. Let your words produce in me the power to be steadfast.

Prayer points:

Thank God for the strength which He has been upholding you all the years.

1. Oh Lord, create in me a new heart that will always be hunger and thirst for holiness, in Jesus name.

2. Oh God, plant and establish my feet upon the rock of Ages where no shaking will pull me out of your grace.

3. The voice that called forth Lazarus from of grave, call forth my dead glory from the silence places today, in Jesus name.

4. Oh lord by your power, visit the source of my life and change causes thereof to blessings, in Jesus name.

5. Oh, ye ground, I shall build my own house on you, I shall drive my cars on you. I shall proper over you without sorrow, in Jesus name.

6. Every Power that would not allow me to have my favour and connection got a good job this month, be roasted, in Jesus name.

7. In the dark places of human life, holy spirit, let the light of God shine on me for glorification, in Jesus name.

May you all be blessed, in Jesus name.

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