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Psalm 91: See how to use Psalm 91 correctly as Christians

Psalm 91: See how to use Psalm 91 correctly as Christians

Generally speaking, Psalms are not incantations as so many Christians have made it to look.

The great Psalmist himself, king David did not put together these written words through the help of the Holy Spirit for people to read or use as incantations or for magical purpose as the case is today among so-called Christians.

It's therefore a wrong thing to believe that Psalm is a good Book in the Bible for enchantment.

For those who does not know what incantation Is, Incantation is an act of using formulas usually rhyming words, sung or spoken with occult ceremonies for the purpose of invoking spirits, producing enchantments or creating other magical results.

Christianity is NOT spiritism. Why turn the Holy Bible to something else?

One of the commonest book of Psalms being used is Pslam 91.

I even read a write up that reveals that the practitioners of Judaism uses Psalm 91 thus, it is recited seven times during a burial ceremony. As the casket bearers approach the grave, they stop every few feet, repeating the psalm. In the case of the burial of a woman, the casket bearers do not stop the procession, but they do repeat the psalm seven times.

Whatever the case, I think Psalm 91 should rather be seen as a source of comfort and protection, even in times of suffering rather than making it to look like an enchantment chapter of the Bible.

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