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OPINION: Four things I noticed Pastor Adeboye does anytime he wants to minister

(Photo: Pastor Adeboye)

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, popularly known as Daddy GO is an erudite with a Doctorate in Pure and Applied Mathematics from the University of Lagos where he also served as a lecturer for short period before going to the University of Ilorin and later resigned at the call of God.

He is a well-known Pentecostal Pastor with an apostolic mission, the Lead Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God worldwide, a dynamic and unapologetic preacher, married to Pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye, blessed with wonderful seeds both biological and spiritual. (Photos: Pastor Adeboye and wife and Pastor Adeboye and grandchildren)

These prologues about him are not new to many because his personality is one that you cannot help but notice among others.

However, this article will go a long way to inform my curious readers of four things I noticed Pastor EA Adeboye does before and after dishing out the word of God pertinently to his congregation with their spiritual meaning, perhaps, these four things are what has been keeping him strong and useable for God even at old age.

Below are lists of things he does and their spiritual implication.

1. Pastor Adeboye has a minstrel who must play saxophone before he climbs the altar to minister.

(Photo: Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Kunle Ajayi)

It has been well observed that before Pastor Adeboye ministers, his minstrel, Pastor Kunle Ajayi must play his saxophone to the tune of the heavenly. Pastor Adeboye goes as far as taking Pastor Kunle Ajayi to anywhere he is going to preach, whether in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

( Image: Pastor Kunle Ajayi ministering at RCCG Canada convention)

The spiritual meaning to this according to the explanation by Pastor Adeboye is, that session is meant to usher in the presence of heaven and God himself, he said Kunle Ajayi has this gift of bringing down God's presence, he doesn't just play to entertain. Pastor Kunle Ajayi has been with Pastor Adeboye for over three decades in ministry.

2. Pastor Adeboye kneels before ministering.

As old as Pastor Adeboye is, he goes on his two knees while praying to God before ministering, this action depicts that the man of God is still very much humble and even showing his humility to the one who picked him from nobody to somebody great, if you are a man of God, please learn humility from Pastor Adeboye.

3. His first phrase when he stands up to speak to the congregation is "SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELUJAH" afterward, he will ask his congregations to clap their hands. In a holy ghost service, he revealed that the meaning of his aforementioned action is, when you shout, you win because the shouting side is the winning side and secondly when you clap your hands, you are putting your enemies in between your palms and then hitting them hard. He disclosed that the things of God are foolishness to a mere mortal man so they might not be able to decipher this spiritual exercise.

Lastly, after each sermon, Pastor Adeboye makes an altar call. This is when he asks people that want to give their life to Christ to come out, he prays with them and after then he will promise to always pray for them, hence ask for their personal data.

Above are the top things I noticed Pastor EA Adeboye does anytime he wants to minister.

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