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The kind of prayer every christian should endeavour to say every day.

There are some important things about life which so many Christians are oblivious of. We go to church and learn the word of God, yet we find it difficult to fulfill the will of God.

So many Christians pray against demonic influence, witchcrafts; they pray for financial breakthrough, blessings of God and anticipate signs, wonders and miracles. Axiomatically, these prayer points are good and important, but there is something more important in the life of a Christian.

Some Christians forget the fact that no one is perfect and we all are living by the mercy of God. Without the mercy of God, everyone would have been perished because the Bible said "for all have sinned," and for that reason God may decide to destroy everyone without thinking twice. But because of HIS infinite mercy, HE has been tolerating the sins of everyone.

Without the mercy of God, we cannot live. It is because of the mercy of God that God overlooks so many bad things we do. However, as a Christian, you should endeavour to pray for God's mercy in your life. You are not better than everyone; you are not the most righteous person on earth, therefore you have nothing to brag about. You are just nothing without the mercy of God, and that is the reason you should always pray for the mercy of God.

Please do not misconstrue the purpose of this message, it does not suggest that other prayer points are not necessary, but it is a reminder that you should always ask for God's mercy in prayers.

A lot Christians are busy binding their enemies and releasing the power of the Holy Ghost upon their enemies yet they do not acknowledge the fact that have wronged God in one way or the other. So many times we commit sins and do some sort of negative things ignorantly and still claim to be righteous. That is why the prayer for mercy is paramount in the life of everyone who calls upon the name our LORD.

Always pray for God's mercy. May God bless you, Amen!

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