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If You Are Pregnant, Pray These Powerful Prayer Points For Safe Delivery.

If you are pregnant right now, just know for a certain that the Lord who made that pregnancy possible, will definitely make delivery of the baby possible. What are you supposed to be doing until the baby comes, pray always to God, have faith and live holy. 1st Timothy 2:15. And always speak to your baby while still in the womb,

Speak what you desire concerning the baby in your womb to the baby , speak words of blessings to him / her, because they hear, so be positive as you continually speak to your baby, until you give birth.

Make sure you are not afraid of negative reports, from doctors or any one else. Know that God will perfect what He has started in your life. Pray the following powerful prayer points in faith and keep praying it until you deliver.and you will surely testify in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

(1). Father, thank you for this seed of life that you have planted inside me, I Thank you because I know that this seed is a seed of blessing in Jesus name.

(2) Father by your mercy and compassion, take miscarriage and any form of abnormally far from me, I decree that I shall not Miss- carry in Jesus name.

(3) Father every evil power waiting to terminate my life or my baby's during delivery, destroy such evil powers oh Lord,in Jesus name. Because my life is hid with Christ in God, the enemy will not see me or my baby in Jesus name.

(4). Father,let your angels on assignment concerning me, be at my side, before, during and after delivery,in Jesus name.

(5) Father in Jesus name, I reject prolonged labour, and delayed delivery in Jesus name.

(6) Father, I decree in Jesus name, no disease of any kind, shall be upon my child in Jesus name.

(7) Father, cause my baby to come out alive, strong and healthy, and anoint my baby with the spirit of excellence and with Zoe life, in Jesus name.

(8) father let your angels of Mercy and the fear of God rest upon the hospital , doctors and midwives, for the successful delivery of my baby in Jesus name.

!9). I decree in Jesus mighty name, I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord, I will deliver like the Hebrew women in Jesus name. Psalms 118: 7-8. Exodus 1: 19.

(10) I plead the blood of Jesus over myself and my baby, I decree,there shall be congratulations in my home by the power of the Holy the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(11) Thank you Father because I know you have answered my prayers for safe delivery in Jesus mighty name.

As you have prayed, so shall it be in Jesus name. Husbands also pray these prayer points for your pregnant wife.

You shall carry your baby and you shall celebrate in Jesus name.

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