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Divine Direction From God Gives Victory Over Discouragement

It is important and necessary that the children of God should find every reason to appreciate God in every situation. They should not be afraid, discouraged, anxious or frustrated by the surrounding situations. The holy book gives hope and courage to the children of God in every situation. Almighty God is telling his children not to be afraid, not to worry, not to be discouraged because he has redeemed them and called them by his name. Importantly, you belong to God, so when you go through the waters of trouble and challenges, God will be with you; When you pass through the rivers of calamity and distress, they will not come upon you; When you walk through the fire of sorrow and worry, you will not burn, because God is with you. In any troubled situation you find yourself in, God is there to help you. So rejoice and don't be disheartened. Let the Spirit of God guide and direct your steps. Furthermore, a child of God without a vision, no matter in whatever situation he finds himself in, is unlikely to achieve anything in his life. According to psychologists, more than six thousand thoughts come to our mind every day. We take many decisions from these thoughts while facing the challenges, worries and troubles of life. However, to get good results and solutions from our decisions, we must ask God for direction. He alone knows the future of our life. He also knows the by-product of every decision. Therefore, when you go to him to ask for help in the steps he takes, he coaches you and tells you the right way to go. When God directs your steps, you can be sure of two things: good success and victory. In whatever situation you find yourself, don't do anything of your own free will and regret it later. Always approach God for direction even in small matters, and watch your life move from glory to glory, from success to success and from achievement to achievement in the name of Jesus.

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