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7 Angels Of Allah And Their Purpose Of Creation

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Allah said in the holy Quran that he did not create man and jinn but that they should worship him. Angels, according to Islam, are called "Malaika". They are God's creation that dwell in heaven but come to the Earth for special assignment.

They are created from light and only by God's permission without any parental copulation.Angels are neither male nor female, and unlike human beings, they don't have the will to do things freely (free weel). They only do things commanded to them by Allah. They don't feed nor sleep and all they do is to worship Allah and run an errand for the God of all mankind.

There are uncountable angels dwelling in heaven and all serve different purposes. There are some in charge of protecting us, and some are in charge of worldly affairs. We will be talking about the seven angels of Allah and their purpose of creation.

Angels of Allah And Their Duty

1.Angel Jubril (Gabriel)

This angel is the leader of all angels, in charge of delivering divine messages from Allah to the prophets during their time.

2. Angel Mikail (Angel Michael)

This is the angel who brings us rizk (sustenance), as well as all that is good for us whether it's food, rain, or whatever.

3. Israfil (Angel Raphael)

Raphael is in charge of blowing the trumpet. He will blow the trumpet twice, once to signify Qiyamat (the end of the world) and once to resurrect everyone for judgement in front of Allah.

“And the trumpet shall be blown, and all those in the heavens and all those on the earth shall swoon, except Allah; then it shall be blown again, and they shall stand up awaiting". (Az-Zumar 39.68)

4. Izra’il

This is the Angel in charge of taking life (death). He retrieves the soul from the body at the precise moment that a person is destined to die, as commanded by Allah, not a second earlier or later. He has no power or intention of his own; he does everything at Allah's command.

5. Raqib 

This is the angel that sits on man's right hand and records all his good deeds.

6. Atid 

This angel sits on man's left hand and records all his bad deeds.

7. Munkar and Nakir

These angels interrogate the dead in the grave. When they do so, it is his ‘amaal (deeds) and faith that answer for him, not the person.

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