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How To Know If God Truly Called You Into Ministry - Apostle Arome Osayi

We started a branch of the ministry somewhere and because the pastor of that branch happens to be my friend for many years, before the issue of pastoring our branch in the city in which he dwells came up. Every morning when I wake up I'll see his text and when I wanted to clear his doubt one day, I asked him, "Are you called? Are you convinced you're called?" I just put a few questions to him and he said yes, because it is through your calling that your sustenance, your establishment, everything will come from and because you are my friend, it will not make me makes allocation for you because no one made one for me, it was my calling, so wake up. Since then I didn't receive any text from him again. His eyes were on other things and not his calling. If you're called the calling will speak if you apply yourself to the true service. 

Thinking that someone will support you through life in ministry is a fallacy, it's a proof that you're not called, because if you are called you will go back to the one that called you and you will do great things. Your calling has potential to produce results but destiny will not come as a results to you, it will come as an opportunity to serve. It is in service you will now discover greatness. When you find a man that is looking for name, sympathy, convenience, he is not called. Don't look for pleasure, don't look for comfort or convenience. Let your eyes be not set on people, that people will help you, focus on God. Even the government of Nigeria can't help anybody, the government needs help, needs prayer. Nigeria needs prayer. I know the line of my service that I'm called to do. I was called to serve my generation with a teaching gift. If you know what God has called you to do, in that calling there is greatness but God will not show you how, you will serve your way out into it.

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