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Is It Right To Call Anyone Your Friend? Here Is What Suleman Has Said

Apostle Johnson Suleman has spoken about friendship that happens quickly and without precautions.

Friendship is a good relationship that exists between two or more persons that come from different families. It occurs as a result of many reasons and sometimes is due to an emotional agreement between the parties involved.

However, friendship is something that should forged with great caution and Apostle Suleman has offered a piece of advice. The pastor took to his Twitter handle to warn people who make friends randomly by telling them not to be hasty while regarding others as friends.

According to the post, Suleman said that people should allow the relationship to be defined by time, instead of being too fast about. See the post below.

Many people have been betrayed to their death by friends and people who they are close to. Suleman must have been thoughtful about the whole thing and his advice should not be taken for granted. Although the someone else may a different view concerning this and the question still remains; is it right to call anyone your friend?


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