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Devotional: The Pathway To Greatness In Life.

Right from the inception of life and creation. It has been the ultmost desire, intention and program of God that His children should be great and successful in life. Success is not accidental, but is planned through conscious thought and compliance with laid-down principles of God. The word of God exhorts Christians to think big because their progress in life is related to the way they think . Beloved, what God will do for you is related to what you conceive in your thought and the power that is at work in you. You are encouraged to think big because our God is big and has the power to bring to pass our big dreams, WHAT YOU MUST DO TO BE GREAT IN LIFE.....All that you have to do to support your big thought or dream is to rekindle the power of the Holy Spirit, which is at work in you through constant speaking in tongues, prayer, fasting, confessing the Word, and putting the Word to Work. These will make it easy to know what God is doing in your life and to cooperate with Him. Truly you will come to realize that what God has done for you has exceeded your imagination. PROPHETIC DECLARATION...... [1[ the power to think big and great to get to a greater level shall be released unto you. [2[ the purpose of God for your life shall be accomplished. [3[ whatever is working against your greatness shall be crushed by fire... [4[ the grace to take the necessary steps to greatness shall be released unto you today.... [5] the plans and purpose of the enemies shall not come to pass in your life in the name of Jesus Christ....

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