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To BOOST your prayer life, say these prayers

Thank God for privileged he has given us to access his presence.

Take a brief moment and think about your life, is it devoid of his presence? Cry out for his presence this. "Father, please make your presence evident in my life and work."

Repent of any sin or faulty that will Rob you of his presence.

Bind every spirit that promotes spiritual weariness among intercessors. Receive strength for every hidden but noble office.

Ask for dynamic prayer lives that makes tremendous power available for them to achieve the goal.

Ask that the Lord will give you the grace to be an intercessor; standing the gap for your family, church, state and nation

Pray for the Lord to prosper your children academic. Pray for wisdom as they listen to lectures.

The financial burden of tuition and books is costly. Ask God to provides for their needs.

Pray that God Almighty will help all what you lay your to do to prosper and balance.

Thank you Jesus Christ.

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