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Words we need to meditate on day and night in the Bible.

Every time you speak the words of faith, you hear yourself and God hears you. But every time you do not speak the words of faith, you only hear yourself; God does not hear you (MATTHEW 8:5-13)

"Whatever is possible for you depends on your level of belief (MARK 9:23)

"If you believe in something, you should have confidence in that thing." (JEREMIAH 17:7)

"Jesus Christ believe what you and I say is important." (MATTHEW 12: 36-37)

"Jesus' authority is not limited by space and time; this means distance is not a barrier. It is only your believe that limits His authority." (JOHN 4:49-53)

"True faith or divine faith, when expressed in prayer, is a force that has God behind it for it's accomplishment." (ISAIAH 55:11)

"If you believe God's word is true for your life, you can begin to claim His promises by confessing them now." (2 CORINTHIANS 1:20)

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