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Spiritual Benefits Of Praying At Midnight

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God wants us to pray in season and out of season. Midnight prayer, is one of the prayers that one renders out of season because, it takes sacrifice and self-denial for one to wake up when one supposes to be enjoying sound sleep. I am of the opinion that God will not despise such prayer's of sacrifice.

There are lots of benefits that one can derive from waking up at midnight to declare some words of prayer. Waking up at midnight to render some words of prayer to God, the Alpha and Omega of life, is a very good spiritual habit which one must inculcate into his life.

Actually, God answers prayers anytime of the day but the prayer that one renders at deadly of night, is more powerful than just any day prayer, mind you, when one wakes up at midnight to pray, one is doing no other thing than fasting, mind you, fasting doesn't end at denying oneself from eating food, when one denies himself or herself sleeping, especially when one supposes to be enjoying sound sleep at midnight and one wakes up to say a word of prayer to His Maker, that is great fasting which God will never over look.

There are lots of benefits that one can derive from waking up at midnight to say a word of prayer, these benefits can be physical and spiritual types. Now, what are the physical benefits? One will not be disturbed or distracted by noise, because many would have been slept off around that time.

While the spiritual benefits that one can derive from praying at midnight are, the principalities and powers around one's compound or vicinity are rendered powerless. Information reveals that witches and wizards start to operate around that time, therefore, when one is able to wake up at midnight to pray, one will be victorious over the devil and his angels.

Furthermore, God will never over look one's prayer of sacrifice and self-denial that one offers at midnight.

I pray that God will give you power and strength to wake up at midnight, if not all midnights, at least, once in awhile to declare a word of prayers.

May God Almighty answer your prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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