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The Church Should Do This, To Encourage Tithing {My Opinion}

Recently, we have seen a sharp divide between most Christian religious leaders and some of their members on the issue of Tithing. While the members believe it’s an Old Testament thing, that it was not made mention of in the New Testament nor by Christ, the leaders {Pastors and Bishops} maintain that failure to pay tithe attracts financial curse.

However, one needs to ponder on why this issue is making waves in this generation. Why the sudden change of peoples’ mindset on tithing?

The truth about this is, in this our generation, inquisitiveness is the order of the day. People no longer follow instruction without asking series of questions, just to make sure they are not being foolish. For every instruction they are to heed, they seek to find a balance between them and the instructor. What do they stand to gain, directly or indirectly, and if they don’t find a convincing answer, they have no choice than to disregard the instruction, irrespective of how long the order might have been standing. This is exactly what we have seen in the case of tithing.

Unfortunately, the church heads did not and seem yet not to understand this trend. They did not, and are even not yet prepared to face this challenge- convincing this generation on the need for paying tithe.

The people became discouraged to tithe, when they began to see that they are not, in any way, benefiting from it, so they began to see it as exploitation from the church. And this is because the church heads started having eye for material things-exotic cars, private jets, magnificent residence, quality healthcare and education at overseas for themselves and their children- which are not bad in themselves, but, these seem to be done at the expense of their members.

If one may ask, in what way have we seen the social responsibility of the churches in our society today? The school and hospitals they build are for the seemingly rich class of the society, most of their foundations are not majorly funded by them. In fact some of them were even established as a business venture. And these were the things that stared giving rise to the questions by the members; “Of what essence is our tithe?”

Therefore, the church should now know that increasing the rate of tithe preaching will not change the mind of the members on tithing, and if they continue, more will also turn their backs on tithing.

If the church must encourage the members to tithe, I suggest, they should start embarking on some community projects. Projects as small as sinking boreholes, getting electricity transformers, sharing of welfare packages, setting up free acquisition centers, and the rest, can go a long way. They can even grade and construct the community roads, establish free or very affordable schools. They mustn’t wait for the government. 

I believe, when these are done, it will erase the doubt and answer the questions of many as against tithing.

What do you think?

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