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The Spiritual Authority God Gave Humans Over Angels

Have you ever wondered why God created humans in His image and likeness? None of his other creations other than humans was made in God-likeness, form and image, not even the angels who live with him in heaven and watch over you. Most people don't know the place and spiritual authority they have in God, that's why they beg for everything and get scared when the devil threatens them. Humans are special, unique and excellent breeds of God handiwork, they walk in the form of God.

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No wonder the Bible said in the book of Psalm 82:6 “I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high.” This means like a god that you are, who is created by a mighty God, you have spiritual authority over every other of his creation on earth and even in heaven. Because the Bible said whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven.

Another thing you have to also consider from the above scripture is that the Bible didn't say, “For I have said, ye and angels are gods” rather it was referring to humans who were created in God's image alone. This is the power and spiritual authority humans have over angels. God created humans to be like him, he gave them dominion, to walk on earth and rule over other of his creations as gods. This means you have the God DNA inside of you as humans, you are godlike.

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The Bible referred to God's people as peculiar people, a royal priesthood and divine beings. You have the authority and life of God in you. After all that he created on earth, he made man specially and place him in charge of all that he created and this can be found in the book of Genesis 2:15.

This is another spiritual authority humans have over angels. Man rule here on earth as gods, they have dominion over all power and forces on earth. That's why you have direct access to God through fellowship as a Christian; you speak directly to him as father and child. You communicate in unknown tongues only he understands.

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Angels are at your service as God's children, they respond to your demands and calls whenever you need spiritual assistance. That's the power and authority you have in God's name. They are there to protect you, they exist to fight your battles. You have the life of Jesus Christ living in you, so be aware that your nature is of God.

Recall that, Jesus Christ was able to be born as human and walked on earth among humans despite being a God, he wasn't born or created in Angels image. Humans are made in God image and not of angels, hence humans have spiritual authority over angels. They are messengers, they listen to your commands and that's how you have more spiritual authority over them as a god you are.

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