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Some Genuine Prophets Arrange Written Testimonies To Convince People - Bishop Wisdom Irabor

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the Presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly in a recent post on his official Facebook page sends an important message to Christians on why they need to be careful not to be deceived by prophets. He said that those you call false prophets arrange functions to convince people while those you call Genuine Prophets arrange written testimonies with strange names to convince people. Both groups are of the devil:

He said that by function, he means someone coming to the church to act a script given to him by the Pastor. By written testimony, he meant somebody will just sit down in his office and construct a testimony that does not exist and may put a fake name or make it anonymous. "Any written testimony where nobody knows the name and location of the person sharing it is fake," he said.

Further, he said, "Let me talk to you members that are not satisfied with the genuine church you attend. Be very careful and content with the move of God and dealings of God with your church and man of God. Never put your church and Pastor under the pressure to Perform, because the price paid, in running a fake church can even lead to the death of members regularly. Because to be fake, involves movement from one level to a different level."

He said that when you start from the level you understand, you will begin to grow into the level you don't even understand and will one day involve human life. So both the pastor and the members should be satisfied with the sovereign will of God. So If God wants you to serve him as Elizabeth and Zacharias that will be childless until he shows up. Stay in your place of service and refuse to be a victim of falsehood. Let them mock you, you are in his perfect will.

Finally, he said that until the end of time comes never conclude that anything or anyone is fake until you hear God saying depart from me ye workers of iniquity I know you not and you also hear at the same time, "Welcome thou good and faithful servant, come into my abode. For that is the both extreme we shall all find ourselves on the last day and only God knoweth them that are his own. Formally it use to be by their fruits you shall know them but now even the fake has better fruits than the genuine.

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