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Check Out Hilarious Replies when a Man asked when Ramadan will end.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a month of forgiveness and repentance for many Muslim faithfuls around the world. It is a period of great spiritual insight and when acts of worship to get closer to Allah are done with great zeal and reverence.

The importance of this month cannot be overstated as many muslims are usually more active in seeking the pleasure of God, his bounties and to better themselves by abstaining from the various sins and vices that displeases God.

Nevertheless, this month of Ramadan is a very sacred month to Muslims. While I was scrolling through on Twitter I came across a post by a young man of the name Tunde Eddnut asking a very hilarious question about when Ramadan will be over.

The replies he got from various people can only be described as hilarious to say the least. Check out some of it below.

So what do you think about this particular post and the replies he got? Do you think that answers his question perfectly?

Share your views with us in the comment section below, and please follow for more.

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