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Check Out The Weapon Satan Uses To Steal From Christians Without Their Knowledge

If you're very conversant with the Holy Scripture, it would be no news to you that Satan is on a mission on the earth and as a Christian, I am sure you might be eager to know what that mission is all about.

The book of John 10: 10 gives the activities of Satan's mission on the earth in a clear statement. According to the Bible verse, Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy. If you read the last sentence carefully, it would be obvious to you that Stealing is his priority amongst other activities.

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Satan is known as the thief and he has not given up on stealing from many people, including Christians. The disturbing fact about Satan is that he carries out his stealing activity without being noticed by a lot of people. The question is; how does he steal from Christians without their knowledge? This question brings us to the subject of the weapon Satan uses to steal from people.

The Weapon Satan Uses To Steal From Christian Without Their Knowledge

The only weapon Satan uses to rob believers is the weapon of sin which is assisted by tricks, gimmicks, and deceit. Having lost all his powers at the resurrection of Christ, he is left with no other weapon but sin.

How Does Satan Use The Weapon Of Sin To Steal From Me As A Christian Without My Knowledge?

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Biblically, Satan is regarded as the man of sin and by using the power of sin as his weapon, the way he steals from you without your knowledge is that he lures you to sin with the help of deceit.

After you might have fallen into sin through his deception unknown to you, Satan automatically robs you of valuable assets like wisdom, health, prosperity, joy, and glorious destiny amongst others.

Sadly, many believers are not aware of this weapon and as a result, they keep falling victims. Through this method, Satan has caused the destruction of many destinies, he has robbed many believers of their redemptive blessings and yet he is being neglected.

How Can I Stop Satan From Stealing My Assets?

The truth is that you must give no room to sin. In other words, you must get rid of his weapon ( Sin ) and he will become powerless.

Also, you must note that every sinful act proceeds from the heart and that is why it is regarded as the battlefield of your life. You must put up a fight and protect your spiritual assets from the thief ( Satan )

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