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Declare This Powerful Prayer Quickly Before You Step Out This Morning

 Our Heavenly father ,the God of all mercies,we thank and glorify your name for the privilege to see another Sunday,thank you for the first miracle of the day -- the miracle of sleeping and waking,be magnify in the name of Jesus... Everlasting father who did not spare Your only begotten Son — but delivered Him up for us all — for His sake give us all things needful for our comfort,joy, satisfaction, our strength, and our salvation. May we be ever submissive and obedient to Your holy will in the name of Jesus Christ. May we live to You, giving to You in consecrated service, all that You give to us so richly out of Your hand in the name of Jesus. Make us truly like Yourself.We ask You that You will give us grace for this day's life. Set a watch before the door of our lips, that we may speak only such words as shall honor You in the name of Jesus. Keep our hearts in Your own holy keeping, for we cannot keep them for You — and may we think only reverent, loving, true, pure, and worthy thoughts today and beyond in the name of Jesus Christ. Prepare us for Your worship, in our own home, and in Your sanctuary. May we be truly in the Spirit on this Lord's day in the name of Jesus... Bless our home-life today. May it be holy and happy. May Your love sweeten ours greatly today in Jesus'name. May we live together as a family, patiently, affectionately, with mutual thoughtfulness and kindliness in the name of Jesus. Bless us in all our relations with others.We beseech You to pour out Your Spirit to all who will preach the gospel, to all who will teach in Sunday schools, to all missionaries today by fire in Jesus'name. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven in Jesus'name. Prepare the world for Jesus' coming again. Bless us and keep us in the name of Jesus... PROPHETIC DECLARATION...... [1[ the Blessings of today shall locate your family in Jesus name...[2] your going out and coming in shall be blessed in the name of Jesus...[3[the mercy of God shall attend to all your needs today in the name of Jesus...[4[ every Sickness in your family shall bow out today in Jesus'name...[5[ every trouble and challenges in your marriage shall vanish by fire in Jesus'name...[6] the Lord will step into your situation today in Jesus'name...[7[ the presence of God shall transform your story today in Jesus'name...[8[ the Lord will open a new chapter concerning your family in the name of Jesus Christ..[9] you will encounter the mercy and grace of God in a new dimension in Jesus'name...[10] the Lord will turn your situation and circumstances to testimony in the name of Jesus Christ

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