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List of Religions In Nigeria

Traditional African religions

Traditional African religions generally believe in an afterlife, one or more Spirit worlds, and Ancestor worship is an important basic concept in mostly all African religions. Some African religions adopted different views through the influence of Islam or even Hinduism. The dominant religions in Nigeria are Islam and Christianity, imported to West Africa generations ago. But traditional African religion has not been forgotten, especially among the Yoruba ethnic.


Christianity came to Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal. The first mission of the Church of England was, though, only established in 1842 in Badagry by Henry Townsend. Christians in Nigeria comprise an estimated 49.3% of the population. Christians are dominant in the southeast, southsouth, Southwest and central region in Nigeria.


Islam was introduced to northern and central Nigeria in the middle ages as early as the 11th century and was well established in the major capitals of the region by the 16th century, spreading into the countryside and toward the Middle Belt uplands. Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in West Africa. The Central Intelligence Agency estimates over 50% of the population is Muslim while the BBC estimated in 2007 that slightly over 50% of the population is Muslim. Muslims in Nigeria are predominantly Sunnis of the Maliki school of thought.

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