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(Photos) Church Where People Bow Down To A Dead Goat Nailed To A Cross

A popular blog named Linda Ikeji blog, has shared a story of a church discovered in an African country, were memebers of the church bow to a bisected goat nailed to the cross. According to the video shared, the church members were taped bowing to a goat nailed on a cross, during a church service in Malawi.

The video shows members of the church shouting and praying, while bowing down to the nailed goat. Watching the video, you will notice that the goat has been cut open and you can see the inner parts of the goat. This video would have gotten a lot of people wondering, what is actually going on.

This act is against the bible, because the bible said we shouldn't bow down to any graven image or object, according to one of the ten commandments in Exodus chapter 20. What these people are doing is very wrong, and it is against Christian religion.

Source: LindaIkeji blog.

What's your opinion about these people bowing down to a dead goat on a cross?

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