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Before You Sleep This Wednesday Night, Say These Short Prayers For God's Protection Over Your Life

You are God from beginning to the end. There is no room for argument. We worship you for your abundance grace that is sufficient for our lives. You are the one that has power over all things. We bless your name for whom you are. You are the rock upon which our lives stand. Lord we worship your name.

Tonight,we have come again to your throne of grace. We come with a lowly heart. We believe in our hearts that you will listen to our voices from your holy throne and you will have mercy upon our lives.

Say these below prayers from the depth of your hearts and put your faith in God that he will answer your prayers.


- My father in heaven, I pray to you tonight that you be my protector; that you protect me from all evils.

- The power of darkness shall not have dominion over my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

- As I want to sleep tonight, I pray that Angel of the Lord will protect and keep watching over me during my sleep.

- I pray that the Lord will erase the spirit of fear that dwells inside me in the name of Jesus Christ.

-There shall not be any record of bad occurrence in my life and my loved ones.

-The Lord will make me a solid Rock that will be able to withstand opposition of the devil.

- I pray that the Lord shall render all the power of the devil powerless in my life.


Stay blessed.

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