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If Moses almost entered hell, church leaders this message is for you.(1)

Despite his relationship with God, he missed the promise land, he was killed and buried by God, and almost made hell fire. 

Despite the miracles, wonders and great works that God used Moses to accomplish. God killed him, buried him, Moses did not enter the promise land, despite how he suffered for the sons of Israel, God gave him the opportunity to only see the land but he did not partake of the good of the land, and to crown it all he (Moses) almost made hell according the book of Jude Vs 9 where the devil was claiming the ownership of the body of Moses, if not for divine intervention, Moses would have made hell. 

Lessons for church leaders 

1. Do the work of Him who called you, do not let your relationship with God affect your total obedience to His word

2. Do not allow Satan to create pride in you because of the gifts of God in your life. 

3. Reject and stop any form of praise and worship your congregation might be giving you, its a trap from the pit of hell.  

4. Do not be carried away by material things of the world they do no have eternal values. 

5. Do not complain or make grudges against God because of what your members are doing to you. 

6. As a younger minster, do not be discouraged when your leaders do not care about your welfare in the ministry, just focus on God, because there are people still looking unto you as their mentor. Do not disappoint them. 

7. As a minster of God, not every member of your congregation will agree with your style and way of handily things, ask God to give you wisdom. 

8. Respect yourself as a minister, Gifts from some members most at times are meant to control the minister and the type of messages he will preach. 

9. As a minster try to control your anger ( the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet). Do not allow your anger to lead you to sin.

10. As a minster do not speak carelessly as you words are filled with power either to kill or to save, mind your tongue.

11. Do not use your position as a senior minister to oppress your juniors. Try to see to their welfare as some are looking unto you for guidance and help.

12. Elijah and Moses asked God to take their lives and they were replaced by other people, as a minister do not ever pray for God to take your life, if you ask, He will and your anointing will be given to others. Do not do this because of your situation or congregation.

Moses was the only man that saw the form of God, spoke with Him face to face, reflected the Glory of God, yet God killed him, he did not enter the promised land and above all he almost missed heaven because of the congregation. I pray may it never be our lot in Jesus name. Amen

Please, you may like to share your views so that others can benefit in the comment section. God bless you.

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