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COVID-19 has closed doors to gospel of Jesus Christ, we must frustrate that agenda - Dr Paul Enenche


-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ' THE POWER OF WHOLE HEARTED APPRECIATION', Glory Dome.

Somebody give Him a big clap and a big shout of praise.

Father we give You the praise and the honor for this moment. Blessed be Your Name. Honor to Your Name, worship to Your Name, in Jesus Precious Name.

Give the Lord the praise and be seated only for the sake of picking your Bibles and then you stand up let's read together Psalm 111:1 - End.

Give the Lord a big clap and a shout of praise. Please be seated in the Presence of the Lord.


This morning we are full of appreciation. Full of appreciation because of the unusual dimension of God in our midst. He is doing so much.

Healed a woman of unbearable neck affliction and then returns back the offering she gave in church back to her amongst several others.

The second service interrupted a man dead, had accident and died, returns him back to life - a security officer.

Let's appreciate Him whole heartedly.

And like it has been said, when you praise God for His finger, you will see His Hand.

Now, what will this whole hearted appreciation do?

1. The manifestation of the wonderful works of God.

2. The realization of His covenants. - He causes us realize and to see His full realization of His covenants.

3. Access to Supernatural provision.

4. Access to the inheritage of the heathen

5. The manifestation of the benefits of redemption - Psalm 111:19.

The benefits of redemption is salvation, benefits of healing, benefits of deliverance, benefits of longevity - the manifestation of the benefits of redemption.

What Mc Persen called the four square gospel.

Whole rounded salvation. This shall be our portion this morning. In the first two prayer points, we are going to be appreciating God. I like us to do it whole heartedly this morning. Our lives will never remain the same.

Can we stand up on our feet and give Him all the praise.

Worship, honor Him for this privilege.

Father, we give You the praise, we have come to whole heartedly give You the praise. Blessed be Your Name. Lift your hands and lift your voice and give Him the praise.


1. Psalm 100:1-4

Father, thank You for Your goodness and mercies. Thank You for the dawning of a new week and the anticipation of new possibilities. To You alone be all the praise in Jesus Name.

2. Exodus 15:1

Father, thank You for the incredible testimonies of the passing week. Thank You Lord for miracles, signs and wonders beyond human comprehension. To You alone be all the praise in Jesus Name.

3. Mark 16:20

Father we ask the manifestation of Your Almightiness at the ILORIN Healing and Deliverance Crusade. Show the Land and the Nation that You are the God of wonders, Lord in Jesus Name.

4. Proverbs 19:21

Father, we ask for the release of Your perfect plan and purpose for this week. Let every enemy agenda, device and design for the week be frustrated in the Name of Jesus Christ.

5. Mark 2:1-2

Father we ask for the Harvest of multitudes this week. Let the noise and news of Your Presence, and miracles in the House create a pull of multitudes into the House for salvation, Lord in Jesus Name.

6. Father, I come before You today, I connect the full benefits of whole hearted appreciation.

Father, this week I trust You to see the manifestation of Your wonderful works in my life.

This week, I trust You to see the realization of Your covenants for my life.

This week, I trust You to access Supernatural supplies in the Name of Jesus.

Father, this week I trust You to access the heritage of the heathen.

Father, this week I trust to experience the manifestation of the full benefits of redemption in the Name of Jesus.

We are going to pray about something that is very important.

Proverbs 19:21

Many devices in a man's heart. The corona virus device is a demonic device in and everything around it.

If you remember the first attack of it was on the church. And even when the so called lockdown was relaxed and activities were to start, markets will be opened but church was closed. That's to show you exactly the target of that demon. That demonic agenda has closed many nations to the end time gospel. And we are not going to take it for granted.

I am not going to say anything more than that. But I want you to lift up your voice, let's decree an and to this antichrist agenda that has spread around the earth to frustrate the end time gospel. Father frustrate it.

Father, every antichrist agenda that's designed to stop the church and to close the nations to the gospel. Father, we declare the frustration of every antichrist agenda attached to the covid. In the Name of Jesus, every antichrist agenda designed to frustrate the growth of the church. Designed to frustrate the opening of the nations, designed to frustrate the spread of the gospel in this end time. Father, collapse it , destroy it , neutralize it , frustrate the agenda of the devil to frustrate the gospel in this end time in the Name of Jesus

FIREFULL declarations.

Nobody will take what is yours.

And by this time next year, there are many people who will celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Whether it's one day anniversary, two days anniversary, two months anniversary, three months anniversary, six months anniversary, so shall it be in the Name of Jesus.

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