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“Satan gave me wealth and riches” - Ex-Nigerian man of God

A 64-year-old Nigerian man, Chief Effiong Otu has come out to express his love for Satan. The man who was a priest for more than 40 years before he dumped Christianity to become a local physician or what we know as 'Native Doctor', expressed his love for Satan.

The ex-man-of-God said that there is nothing God has done for him, and that everything he has now was given to him by the Prince of Darkness. He recalled that when he was a minister of God, he pleaded with God for wealth and Prosperity but God deprived him of all the good things in life, but when he ditched God and gave his life to Satan, he was blessed bountifully. 

He said: “I was born into a traditional home, my father and grandfather were both native doctors so it should have been a normal phenomenon if I took after them but as I grew up, I got converted and I became a Christian. I made up my mind to serve God till the end, so I went for pastors training and was later ordained.

“I was so diligent with the work of God that I put all I had into the ministry. Other ministers saw my diligence, which led to me being trusted and posted to several parishes where I helped in winning souls and building churches on different locations.

“At a point in time, I looked at my life and found out that with all my devotion and dedication to God, I'm still nothing, my children can't even attend good schools and my family was living from hand to mouth.

“I kept on believing and asking God to grant me wealth and riches, but he kept on denying me all the good things life has to offer. It wasn't an easy task for me at all. Each time I went to the church management to ask for assistance, they kept on saying that I am working for God that my reward awaits me in heaven.

“All this while, the Gods of my forefathers have been troubling me to come back to the fold. My late father usually appear to me and kept telling me I will continue suffering till I return to my root. After so much hardship, I made up my mind and I turned back to Satan. That decision has been the best decision of my life.

“I said to Satan that he should prove himself now that am back serving him, he has been doing that faithfully. All my village elders received me happily. I have been a native doctor for 10years now and things have been so well with me. I now have two houses, five wives who are all doing well, five cars and enough money on my bank account.

“Before I took this step, I didn't have a bank account but now I am serving Satan, I have been blessed and am not ashamed to say it.

“I know many readers won't be pleased to hear this from me but if you all know what I went through, how I suffered with my family, how we starved for food severally, you won't condemn me but you all would rejoice with me instead.

“I am not persuading anyone not to worship and serve God. If he is good to you, then go ahead and serve him. I served him fervently for 40 years, and he never answered me. So, if you know he is blessing you, keep serving him. Satan is blessing me abundantly so, I am very happy to be serving him. Am such a blessed and Happy man now than I was when I was with God.”

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Christian Effiong Otu Nigerian Prince of Darkness


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